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12.1.2021 vrh Q / Q litter

Vrh Q le Coeur Pur má 13 dní 



Q litter le Coeur Pur is 13 days old


red female

IMG_0715-001 IMG_0746-001 IMG_0759-001

violet male

fialový 2-001 fialový 3-001 fialový 5-001 fialový-001

Quarrell Tallulah le Coeur Pur

IMG_1883-001 IMG_1912-001 IMG_2034-001 IMG_2042-001 IMG_2056-001

Quasimodo le Coeur Pur 

IMG_0768-001 IMG_0771-001 IMG_0779-001 IMG_0810-001 IMG_0820-001 IMG_0825-001 IMG_0856-001

Blue male

IMG_1201-001 IMG_1216-001 IMG_1226-001 IMG_1237-001 IMG_1241-001 IMG_1254-001 IMG_1260-001 IMG_1271-001 IMG_1308-001

orange male

IMG_1431-001 IMG_1448-001 IMG_1472-001 IMG_1476-001 IMG_1496-001 IMG_1537-001 IMG_1543-001 oranžový-001

Grey female

IMG_2240-001 IMG_2242-001 IMG_2248-001 IMG_2275-001 IMG_2303-001 IMG_2319-001 IMG_2363-001 IMG_2371-001 IMG_2377-001

Burgundy female

IMG_1750-001 IMG_1774-001 IMG_1811-001 IMG_1816-001 IMG_1827-001 IMG_1834-001

Green female

IMG_1556-001 IMG_1563-001 IMG_1585-001 IMG_1595-001 IMG_1626-001 IMG_1627-001 IMG_1628-001 IMG_1632-001 IMG_1651-001 IMG_1668-001 IMG_1705-001 IMG_1716-001

Harley Quinn le Coeur Pur

IMG_0868-001 IMG_0892-001 IMG_0913-001 IMG_0928-001 IMG_0968-001 IMG_0980-001 IMG_1012-001 IMG_1101-001 IMG_1124-001 IMG_1131-001



8.1.2021 nové fotky / new photos

ColorBulls Karma – 4 měsíce / 4 months

(Bud Spencer of Black Sheep x ColorBulls Alisar)

IMG_0454-001 IMG_8962-001 IMG_9098-001IMG_9115-001IMG_9367-001IMG_9508-001IMG_9917-001

Ellen Kerberos Czech – 7,5 měsíce / 7,5 months

(Dexter Ar´daroth x Camellia Kerberos Czech)

IMG_0308-001IMG_0098-001IMG_0120-001IMG_0368-001IMG_0115-001IMG_0363-001IMG_0369-001IMG_9319-001IMG_9324-001IMG_9383-001IMG_9549-001IMG_9740-001 IMG_9746-001 IMG_9749-001

Goldien le Coeur Pur – 4,5 roku / 4,5 years


Ciara le Coeur Pur – 8 let / 8 years


Kalamity Jane le Coeur Pur – 2,5 roku / 2,5 years

IMG_9615-001 IMG_9624-001 IMG_9656-001

ColorBulls Hazel – 1 rok / 1 year

(MultiCH Biehler Bulls Acujo x CH ColorBulls Toxic)

IMG_9779-001 IMG_9781-001 IMG_9859-001 IMG_9895-001



Plavi – 12 let / 12 years


Holky a kluci v akci / Girls and boys in action

IMG_0090-001  IMG_0110-001 IMG_0111-001    IMG_0134-001 IMG_0141-001 IMG_0145-001 IMG_0160-001 IMG_0233-001 IMG_0238-001 IMG_0272-001 IMG_0287-001 IMG_0288-001  IMG_0329-001 IMG_0336-001  IMG_8991-001 IMG_9034-001 IMG_9041-002 IMG_9043-001 IMG_9048-001 IMG_9094-001   IMG_9137-001 IMG_9253-001 IMG_9254-001 IMG_9264-001  IMG_9557-001   IMG_9681-001 IMG_9689-001 IMG_9706-001