26.7.2021 proběhlo nové krytí / new mating


mating day: July 26, 2021


father: MultiCH Fatho le Coeur Pur

(CH Atoum des Assiers, RECOMMANDE x Doreen le Coeur Pur, RECOMMANDE)

shows: Junior Champion CZ, Champion CZ, Serbian Champion, Romanian Champion, Bulgarian Champion, Grand Champion of Bulgaria, Balkan Champion, European Winner, Club Champion of Beauty, Croatian Champion, Slovak Champion of Beauty, Grand Champion of Serbia, Austrian Champion, Interchampion C.I.E.

health: DYS A, ED 0, OCD negative, SA 0 negative, MH   N/N, HUU  N/N, DM   N/N, MDR1  N/N, CHV  Negativní, LOKUS B, (B/B), FGF5  N/N, DNA profile

breeding class: RECOMMANDE CZ & FR

mother: Urepel de Subeltz Beaucerones

(Ultimo des Assiers, RECOMMANDE x Ana de Subeltz Beaucerones, RECOMMANDE)

work: NHAT, HWT, IHT1 TS

health: DYS A, ED 0, OCD negative, SA 0 negative, heart test clear

Urepel de Subeltz Beaucerones:

IMG_7911-001 IMG_7906-001 IMG_6896IMG_8079-001 IMG_7516-001 IMG_7947-001 IMG_8417-001 IMG_8416-001 IMG_4926-001IMG_8336-001 IMG_8324-001 IMG_8267-001 IMG_8254-001 IMG_8253-001 IMG_8230-001 IMG_8179-001 IMG_8114-001 IMG_8048-001

MultiCH Fatho le Coeur Pur:

IMG_1218-001 IMG_1211-001122179287_10223250102990658_1184303370086182558_n IMG_1169-001 IMG_1093-001 IMG_1079-001 IMG_1069-001 IMG_1051-001  IMG_1921-001 22047978_1913684491981853_7483599121372651618_o 18954764_1772568459426791_3776242175997415796_o 18581672_1749421211741516_755070808665476506_n 17834383_1677443635605941_126345648908334383_o 14231342_10210188491738540_1952256919863698375_o