23.6.2018 výstavní výsledky / show results

IDS Brno, Czech republic

Homer le Coeur Pur – intermediate – exc1, CAC, res. CACIB
Gashira le Coeur Pur – open class – exc1, CAC – got title CZECH CHAMPION
F´Ellen le Coeur Pur – working class – exc1, CAC, res. CACIB – got title CZECH CHAMPION

IHA & NHA Aarau, Switzerland

Helios le Coeur Pur – intermediate – 2x exc1, CAC
Gardeur le Coeur Pur – working class – exc2, res. CAC, VG2

owner: Nicole Gehrig Frauchiger

I would like to thanks to all my owners! Today my special thanks is for Nicole Gehrig Frauchiger because she helped me a lot with Helios who has finally super life with her! Thank you 😍

Homer le Coeur Pur


Gashira le Coeur Pur

IMG_1596-001 IMG_1486-001

F´Ellen le Coeur Pur

Ellen2 21684594_1675331095819699_1718448782_o

Gardeur le Coeur Pur

duben 2018 duben 2018-2

Helios le Coeur Pur